Worker Overview

Rynus Workers are GPU nodes contributing compute power to the Rynus network.

Who can be a Rynus Worker?

Anyone with idle computing power around the world can be a Rynus Worker. There are no regional limitations and no need for in-depth knowledge of 3D rendering or AI training. The only requirement to join the Worker system is that your devices have computing power that meets Rynus’s specifications.

Why become a Rynus Worker?

Becoming a Rynus Worker allows individuals and entities to monetize their idle GPUs using a single application, Rynus Worker. This app is easy to install and user-friendly. It maximizes earning opportunities by integrating job receiving and mining. Workers who receive and complete jobs are rewarded with $Rynus tokens, while those not currently receiving jobs can still earn mining tokens through mining activities directly on the app.

Worker Jobs

Rynus Workers use the Rynus Worker application to perform 3D rendering or AI training jobs distributed by the Rynus network.

Worker Rewards

Upon completing assigned jobs quickly and precisely, the Worker is rewarded with $Rynus Tokens.

Worker Status

In the Rynus network, the status of the Worker is crucial for efficient task management and monitoring.

Worker status can be either Online or Offline. Job status, on the other hand, includes Waiting job and Received job.

  • Online

When a Worker is Online, it indicates that the GPU node is active and available to receive and perform computing tasks.

  • Offline

An Offline status means the Worker is not currently available for any tasks.

  • Waiting job

A Waiting job status indicates that the Worker is available and waiting for any job assigned.

  • Received job

Once a job is assigned to a Worker, its status changes to Received job, signifying that the job is in progress and being processed by the assigned Worker.

These statuses help in tracking the availability and activity of Workers as well as the progress of assigned tasks within the Rynus network.

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