Proof of Compute

Rynus employs a Proof of Compute system to guarantee that AI training and 3D rendering tasks are completed to satisfaction before any payments are made. This system verifies that the final output meets the specified requirements, ensuring quality and accuracy. The Proof of Compute acts as a validation mechanism, recording the proof of the computing job on the blockchain. This not only provides transparency and trust in the process but also ensures that both Requesters and Workers are held accountable, with payments only released once the job is verified as complete and correct.

The Proof of Compute system is conceptually similar to the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to secure their networks. It functions as a digital puzzle that computers solve to validate transactions or activities within the network. By using computational work as proof, the system prevents spam and ensures that all tasks are properly validated, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the Rynus network.

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