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Create Account

Visit to create a Rynus account. You can sign up using your email or through service providers like Google, X, and Facebook. Select your preferred option and click “Register” to create an account and sign in.

Download and Install Rynus Worker

1. Navigate to WORKER and click Download Rynus Worker.

2. Download Rynus Worker for your Operating System.

3. Run the downloaded Rynus Worker Setup file and follow the instructions to install the app.

While installing the app, it will ask you to install the Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime if you haven’t installed it on your devices. This Windows Desktop Runtime is the prerequisite for the Rynus Worker app. Make sure you don’t skip it.

4. Continue the instructions and choose Finish to complete the installation.

Create new Worker

1. Click New Worker

Then add Worker information in the popup window:

  • Worker name
  • Wallet Address

Optionally, you can enable “Mining config” to automatically run the mining process when no computing job is received. Or you can do enable it later in the Worker app. You can select:

  • Mining pool
  • Mining coin
  • Wallet Address

Then click Confirm. Now, a new Worker is created.

2. Config Worker

Go to Rynus Worker Management page and download the Worker config file corresponding to the Worker ID you created.

Import the Worker config file to connect your Worker.

After connecting successfully, the app will show your Worker ID and the Worker status as Connected.

Computing jobs

When you have successfully connected the Rynus Worker app on your device, and keep the app open, your device will be shown as an Online Worker on the Rynus Network. Online workers will be chosen to receive and process computing jobs from the network. 

Once a computing job is assigned to your Worker, it will:

1. Download the job data.

2. Then, perform the job, which will be indicated as either Training mode (for AI jobs) or Rendering mode (for 3D rendering jobs).

Note: To ensure that all the computing resources are used efficiently for the computing jobs, any active mining tasks will be automatically stopped while a computing job is being processed.

After the job is completed, the output will be sent to the Requester. The Worker will be rewarded with Rynus tokens.

Mining mode

When your GPU is idle and not assigned to a computing job by Rynus, you can open the Rynus Worker app to run mining and earn coins. If you have not enabled Mining when creating your Worker in Rynus Cloud, you can do it as follows:

1. Enable the Mining mode.

2. Config mining by selecting a mining pool, mining coin, and entering your wallet address.

Note: Mining is only active when no computing jobs are assigned. It will be automatically stopped when a computing job is distributed to your Worker.

Manage Workers

On the WORKER page on Rynus Cloud, you can track all your Workers with detailed information such as:

  • ID
  • Worker Name
  • Uptime
  • GPU
  • Monitor
  • VRAM
  • Total Earn
  • Status
  • Job Status
  • Action

You can track additional information about each Worker in Work Details, including:

  • Statistics: Worker Information (Name, ID, GPU, OS), Connection speed (Upload, Download speed), Location, Security Compliance, Total compute jobs, Total Compute Hours, Total Earnings, Uptimes.
  • Job Details: ID, Type (Render, AI/ML), Status, Reward, Date.

In the Worker application, you can track the following information about your Worker:

  • Worker ID and Worker status.
  • Computing/Mining: Each tab provides detailed information relevant to the two primary tasks of a Rynus Worker: performing Rynus computing jobs (priority) and mining.
  • GPU Monitor: Displays vital statistics about your GPU resources, including Temperature and VRAM usage.

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