Token Utility

The Rynus token serves multiple essential functions within the network:

1. Transactional Utility

Rynus tokens primarily function as the standard medium of exchange within Rynus Requesters seeking to purchase computing power engage with Workers (GPU nodes), compensating them in Rynus tokens for their services.

2. Governance

Additionally, Rynus tokens play a crucial role in governance. Token Holders have the power to propose, discuss, and vote on platform changes, ensuring Rynus maintains its decentralized model and community-driven development.

3. Staking

New Workers wishing to contribute to the Rynus network are required to stake Rynus tokens as an initial commitment. This staking mechanism ensures participants are economically aligned with the platform’s objectives. The staked Rynus tokens act as collateral, providing a protective measure against potential misconduct. Should any Worker deviate from platform standards or engage in malpractice, they risk having a portion or all of their staked tokens slashed.

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