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Rynus Token

Rynus Token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to foster our decentralized ecosystems for applications and services.

The Rynus Token, or RYNUS, is the native token of the Rynus Network, playing a pivotal role in facilitating economic incentives within the network. It serves the needs of three primary groups:

  • Requesters: Individuals or entities seeking GPU computing power, such as 3D artists, VFX artists, AI engineers, and machine learning engineers.
  • Workers: Those who provide and monetize their underutilized GPU computing power. This includes render farms, data centers, enterprises, crypto mining farms, professional miners, and individuals.
  • Rynus Token Holders: Participants who contribute to the network’s crypto-economic security and incentives, aligning mutual benefits and penalties among all parties to promote network growth and adoption.

These groups are not mutually exclusive; a Rynus Token Holder can also be a Requester or Worker, or both.

The Rynus token is designed not only for transactions but also for governance, incentivization, and platform development. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, Rynus has meticulously planned its token allocation to ensure optimal network growth and balance stakeholder interests in both the short and long term.


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