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Rynus Team and Investors

Our Core Team and Valued Investors power our progress, helping us shape the future of decentralized GPU.

Meet the Founder and Core Team

Thuong Quach

Co-Founder & COO @Rynus. COO @iRender Farm

Phung Duong

Co-Founder & CTO @Rynus. Head of AI @iRender Farm

Hieu Le

Founder & CEO @Rynus. Founder & CEO @iRender Farm

Eric Hung Nguyen

CFO @Rynus. Co-Founder & CEO @Amnis Finance

Thanh Truong

Co-Founder @Rynus. Founder & CEO @Ecomobi Corporation

Richard Ta

Technical Advisor @Rynus. Co-Founder & Owner @Super Renders Farm

Kien Nguyen

Technical Advisor @Rynus. Co-Founder @3S Cloud Render Farm

Duc Nguyen

Technical Advisor @Rynus. Founder & CEO @Chip Render Farm

Ly Luong Van

Head of Blockchain @Rynus. Chief Technology Officer @iRender Farm

Thao Vu Van

Head of IT Infrastructure Technology @Rynus. CTO @iRender Farm

Cong Duong

3D Specialist & Head of Design @Rynus. Head of Design @iRender Farm

Thao Doan

Blockchain Research @Rynus. Marketing Specialist @iRender Farm

Hang Trieu

Community Manager @Rynus. Account Manager for 3D @iRender Farm

Van Ho

Community Manager @Rynus. Account Manager for AI @iRender Farm

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