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Rynus Roadmap

Roadmap outlines Rynus envisioned Products and Milestones, providing high-level details of the functionalities to be delivered.

June 2019: iRender Launched

  • iRender was founded with the mission of democratizing cloud computing for 3D rendering and AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning.

2021: Prestigious Awards

  • April 2021: iRender’s Cloud Computing Services solution won two Sao Khue Awards in the categories of Digital Startup Solutions and Cloud Computing & Big Data Services.
  • July 2021: iRender was honored with a Certification in the Top 10 ICT Companies 2021 program by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) in the Technology Start-up category.
  • August 2021: iRender won the GOLD STEVIE® Award in the 2021 International Business Awards® for Business Technology Solution.

2022 & 2023: Global Recognition

  • iRender was highly ranked in global rankings, making it to the Top 5 and Top 10 Best Render Farms lists by Lumion, CGDirector, All3Dp, InspirationTuts, VFXrendering, Radarrender, Blenderbasecamp, and other esteemed platforms.

Q1 2024: Birth of Rynus

  • Rynus, a decentralized GPU computing platform based on blockchain for AI Training and 3D Rendering, was established.
  • Its mission is to democratize access to cloud computing power and address the imbalance between supply and demand for computational resources in the market. Rynus was formed from a strategic alliance between iRender, Super Render Farm, and 3S Cloud Render Farm.

Q2 2024: Release of Documentation and Prototype

  • The Rynus Documentation, Prototype, and Architecture were officially released.

Q3 2024: Alpha MVP Product

  • Rynus Transfer: Facilitates uploading project data and downloading project output.
  • Rynus Cloud: Includes features for signing in, signing up, creating new jobs for Blender (Rendering) and Tensorflow (AI), and processing jobs.
  • Rynus Worker: Manages receiving and processing jobs for Blender (Rendering) and Tensorflow (AI).
  • Backend: Comprises Job manager, Worker pool, Database, Message Services, Log Services, CDN Dedicated Server, File Manager, and REST API.

Product Roadmap

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