Rynus Origins

Before the concept of Rynus was conceived and developed, we had already been a centralized GPU Cloud provider with significant achievements. iRender, a render farm founded in 2019, is our journey’s origin and a robust foundation.

iRender Farm

iRender is a professional GPU Cloud Provider based on the IaaS model, offering two primary services: Cloud Computing and Cloud Rendering (Render Farm). Our diverse configurations range from single GPU to multi-GPU setups, supporting every software on the market. Customers can set up their working environment as they wish or choose from pre-installed software options. A key feature is the ability to save customer environments after each session, ensuring our service truly lives up to the name “render farm.” Additionally, customers can clone these environments or change hardware configurations while maintaining their working setup with a single click.

Over the past five years, iRender has served over 50,000 customers, handling millions of 3D rendering and AI jobs. With millions of projects completed over five years, we have developed our own AI Core, optimizing our processes and those of our customers for the most efficiency and performance.

We see the world from a different perspective

When SaaS-based render farms (we call them traditional ones) dominated the render farm market, iRender recognized that we did not need to follow the same path to succeed. While traditional render farms were limited by the number of software they could support, we allowed customers to bring their entire pipeline to our cloud render farm, regardless of the software they used, as our hardware could support all. This breakthrough difference opened up unexpected growth opportunities, enabling us to cater to software unsupported by any other rendering service, such as real-time rendering. With a focus on superior hardware and cutting-edge technology, we remain agile and ready to adapt to the rapid advancements in the 3D industry and AI/ML/DL fields.

The unique IaaS render farm model of iRender

Achievements and Fast Growth: Numbers Don’t Lie!

Over five years of operation, iRender has evolved from a fledgling render farm into a significant player in 3D rendering. Our achievements are reflected in the following statistics.


Entering the render farm market later than many major players, iRender quickly established itself. Within just three years, we consistently appeared in rankings of the top render farms. Today, iRender ranks among the world’s top render farms, as evaluated by reputable 3D software and digital magazines:

  • Top 1 “Best Online Render Farms” by InspirationTuts.
  • Top 1 “Best Render Farms For CPU And GPU” by Radarrender.
  • Top 4 “Best Cloud Rendering Service for Lumion” by Lumion, the renowned real-time rendering software.
  • Top 4 “Best Online Render Farms” by CGDirector.
  • Top 4 “The Best Render Farms” by All3DP.
  • Top 5 “Top 5 Best Render Farms For GPU & CPU” by Vfxrendering.
  • Top 5 “What Are The Best Render Farms For Blender Artists?” by Blenderbasecamp.
  • Best Render Farms of 2024 by Slashdot.

Additionally, iRender is a Diamond member of the Blender Development Fund, contributing to the growth of the open-source software and its community.


iRender has garnered numerous domestic and international awards, including:

  • Gold Stevie Award at the 2021 International Business Awards for Infrastructure as a Service, a leading global business award.
  • Top 10 ICT Vietnam Award from the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA).
  • Sao Khuê Award 2021 for “Cloud Computing and Big Data” and “Digital Startup Products and Solutions” from VINASA.
  • SME100 Award 2021 for small and medium enterprises in Asia.
  • Certification as a Science and Technology Enterprise.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification.
  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certification.

Visits and Global Ranking

iRender is the render farm with the highest number of visits and global ranking, as evaluated by many reputable statistics measurement websites such as Similarweb and Semrush.

Visits of Top 10 Render Farms. Data from Similarweb in April 2024.

Global Ranking of Top 10 Render Farms. Data from Similarweb in April 2024.

Software and Hardware Expertise

Over the past five years, we have developed a technology-centric service, continuously updating features to enhance our offerings daily. This accumulated experience gives us immense pride and confidence as we embark on new projects.

Software Expertise

In software development, we have built a stable farm manager that has successfully handled millions of jobs over the past five years. Additionally, we have developed powerful tools, including a robust data transfer app and an all-in-one desktop application.

Hardware Excellence

iRender stands out as one of the few providers offering the best hardware on the market. As soon as NVIDIA released the RTX 3090 and RTX 4090 graphics cards, we promptly introduced servers with 8x RTX 3090 and 8x RTX 4090 configurations. Our unique hardware technology allows us to continually update our infrastructure, staying aligned with both GPU market trends and advancements in graphics software.

Embracing Web3 and Decentralization

We are standing at the brink of a magnificent technological era, with continuous waves of change driven by revolutions in artificial intelligence, AR/VR, 3D rendering, metaverse, and more. These technological waves are rapidly reshaping the future of the world, a future we have never seen before.

At the heart of these transformations, the core energy in the digital age is Computing Power. Driven by a firm belief and motivation to democratize the computing power of GPU cloud, we have decided to transition iRender from a centralized GPU cloud computing platform in the form of Web2 to a decentralized GPU cloud computing platform for Web3 – DePin (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks). As well as incorporating blockchain technology and smart contracts into our decentralized GPU model.

An open-minded approach to innovation has been a key factor in our success in Web2. Recognizing the potential of Web3, we see ourselves as an integral part of this new frontier. We envision a future where Web3 platforms are interconnected; together, we create unprecedented possibilities and open up a world we have never imagined.

We did not start alone!

Under the leadership of iRender, Rynus was established by an alliance of three render farms ranked in the top 10 Render Farms worldwide: iRender, Super Renders Farm, and 3S Cloud Render Farm. This powerful alliance currently operates over 3000 GPUs with Tier III Data Center standards. Within this alliance:

  • iRender: 1000+ GPU NVIDIA RTX 4090/3090.
  • Super Renders Farm: 1000+ GPU NVIDIA RTX 4090/3090/3080/2080 Ti.
  • 3S Cloud Render Farm: 1000+ GPU NVIDIA A10/A10G/Tesla T4/NVIDIA L4.

Super Renders Farm

Super Renders Farm provides top-tier SaaS-based Render Solution services, including 3D animation and high-resolution image rendering.

Their offerings encompass CPU and GPU rendering with dual Intel Xeon E5-2699 V4 CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics cards. This infrastructure ensures high-quality outputs and stable real-time performance. Clients benefit from reduced rendering times, up to 1000 times faster, saving significant time and costs. Additionally, their 24/7 customer support ensures seamless, uninterrupted service and prompt resolution of any issues.

3S Cloud Render Farm

3S Cloud Render Farm is a SaaS-based cloud rendering service that allows users to offload rendering tasks to a network of computers. Users can take advantage of the combined power of many computers to speed up the rendering process.

  • Speed: With several clicks, people can render on a cloud render farm instead of investing in expensive infrastructure.
  • Stability: They have a team of technical experts who work to maintain and develop services that ensure people render smoothly.
  • Satisfaction: 3S served 10K+ customers. Their 24/7 support team is always dedicated to providing customers with the best customer service.

In summary, Rynus was established as a result of a strategic alliance among three of the world’s top 10 render farms: iRender, Super Renders Farm, and 3S Cloud Render Farm. Under the leadership of iRender, this alliance has brought together over 3000 GPUs (NVIDIA RTX 4090, 3090, 3080, 2080Ti, A10, A10G, Tesla T4, NVIDIA L4) in Tier III Data Centers. This powerful union not only enhances Rynus’s capabilities but also solidifies its position as a leading player in the global decentralized computing market.

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