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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We are in an era where technological innovations are reshaping how we create, interact, and monetize, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and new forms of creativity. AI and Cloud Computing have evolved rapidly with clear potential, they can completely redefine our future.

“Rynus firmly believes that this transformative power should be equitably distributed; that its benefits accrue to the many, not the few; and that its secrets are unlocked for the benefit of all humanity. We envision a future where tremendous computational resources are decentralized, democratized, and truly accessible to everyone, so that every voice of intelligence and creativity, no matter how small, is heard.”

This is the mission of Rynus.

The emergence of Rynus

Although GPUs are now more diverse and accessible than ever before, their full potential often remains untapped. A significant number of GPUs, owned by both businesses and individuals, are underutilized. High-capacity GPUs are used for simple tasks or those requiring less computational power. Moreover, these resources often remain idle during off-peak times. Even professional centralized services such as render farms or GPU clouds typically operate at around 80% of their capacity. The average rate of server utilization in data centers is only 12 – 18% of capacity. This imbalance between supply and demand of computational resources leads to significant inefficiencies in the technology sector.

Rynus Decentralized Model

To address this issue, it is crucial to allocate computational resources more reasonably, appropriately, and effectively on a global scale. Rynus serves as the platform that connects all idle GPUs worldwide with those who truly need them, thereby addressing the asymmetry in GPU supply and demand, and fostering a genuinely powerful resource for technological breakthroughs.

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