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About Rynus

Rynus is a decentralized GPU computing platform based on blockchain for AI Training and 3D Rendering.

Our mission is clear: to democratize access to cloud computing power and address the inherent imbalance between the supply and demand of computational resources in the market.

At its core, Rynus is a platform designed to accommodate a diverse range of computational tasks, from 3D rendering to training AI, Machine learning, and Deep learning models. These tasks are fast and efficiently executed within a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network, free from errors or delays, while ensuring data security and privacy.

Rynus Model in Vision

Our vision extends beyond the realms of AI and 3D rendering. We envision a future where additional services, such as NAS and mobile devices, are integrated into our platform. This expansion will enable us to provide even more comprehensive and versatile cloud computing services, meeting a broader range of user needs and advancing the frontiers of technological innovation.


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